Innovation in Action: IRS and Treasury Hit Milestone with Clean Energy Credits Online Tool

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Treasury Department are making significant strides in implementing key provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act, reaching a groundbreaking milestone with the registration of over 1,000 projects through the innovative IRS Energy Credits Online (ECO) tool.

Empowering Taxpayers with Clean Energy Credits

The Inflation Reduction Act introduced two groundbreaking mechanisms—elective pay (commonly known as “direct pay”) and transferability. These mechanisms empower a diverse range of entities, including state, local, and Tribal governments, non-profit organizations, U.S. territories, and more, to harness the benefits of clean energy tax credits.

According to IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel, “This new tool helps key groups with these clean energy credits as well as improves communication and reduces compliance issues. This effort is part of our larger transformation effort underway across the IRS as our efforts continue to accelerate.”

The IRS Energy Credits Online (ECO) Tool: A Game-Changer

To streamline the process for taxpayers seeking direct payment, transferring clean energy credits, or claiming a CHIPS credit, the IRS developed the ECO tool. Taxpayers can utilize this tool to complete the pre-file registration process, obtaining a unique registration number. This registration number is crucial, as it must be included in the taxpayer’s annual return when making a direct payment or transfer election for a clean energy credit.

In an effort to educate taxpayers on these new provisions, the IRS and Treasury have embarked on an extensive educational campaign, including hosting office hour sessions where IRS representatives address questions related to the pre-registration process.

Milestone Achieved: More Than 1,000 Facility Registrations

As of this week, the IRS ECO tool has seen a remarkable response, with approximately 145 entities requesting registration numbers for over 1,290 projects or facilities spanning 40 states and territories. Within this total, more than 1,170 projects or facilities are pursuing transferability, and over 110 projects or facilities are opting for direct pay. The value of the tax credits associated with these projects will be determined when the credit recipients file their taxes.

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